Welcome to Bisenzio
Here laughed the Etruscan, one day, lying down, with eyes at ground level.
Very close to the beautiful village of Capodimonte, in Alta Tuscia in provice of Viterbo, on the slopes of Monte Bisenzio, in a territory marked by the Etruscan civilization and bathed from the charming Lake Bolsena, here it is placed the Bisenzio Farmhouse.
The restaurant/pizzeria, like the rest of the company, is a family business. The cook is the staff's mother, Mrs. Sira, while the rest of the family makes sure that everything works out okay. Daniele, David and Elena, children of Sira, we welcome to You and we take care of our guests and we pay attention to every need or special request.
The farm, the family business, was born from the desire to make known to those who visit the Alta Tuscia and the area around Lake Bolsena, not only the many scenic and historical beauty of the place, but also the abundance and goodness of local products, the raw material of our valued culinary tradition.
The Municipality of Capodimonte overlooking the largest volcanic lake in Europe, Lake Bolsena, in fact. In it are two islands and a river outlet. The lake has an almost pristine environment. In Italy it is one of the few totally great swimming lakes. The water, very clean, has made the presence of numerous species of animals and plants, including algae and underwater plants almost impossible to find in other similar basins.
You will find what?
Strada Provinciale Verentana 60 - 01010 Capodimonte (VT) - Telefono: 0761.87.23.65 - Cell: 328.87.49.703 - Cell: 329.17.56.008
P.IVA 01965050568

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